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Traditional e-invoicing is rife with complicated integrations & hefty license fees, unexpected transaction charges and unavoidable consultancy hours. But just like letters with stamps were replaced with e-mails, we believe the additional costs related to traditional invoicing should be replaced with a free model. So we’ve made it free! We believe in getting paid for creating something that adds value. Therefore, we provide added-value services on top of the transactions, such as validation services for the recipient.

But the basic stuff, sending and receiving digital invoices will always be free of charge. And that’s a promise.

We also believe in not tying up our customers with complex agreements and license structures. That’s why all of our added-value services are charged as you go.

In a hurry?

With Qvalia you can create and send an invoice in under 45 seconds regardless of device!

Convert PDF invoices easily and automatically

Not everyone has fully embraced electronic invoicing – and there are still lots of antiquated PDFs out there. But we understand that change does not overtake everyone at once, so we can automatically convert your incoming PDF invoices into our universal electronic format.


Assign purchase invoices automatically to the right user and get them approved. We can OCR recognize the invoice for you for a small surcharge, or you can fill in the details manually (without charge, naturally). We even provide you with a complete workflow system for your purchase invoices. For free!


We have integrated our portal with company registries so that you can easily lookup your customer or supplier details, such as address or company registry number. We store your invoiced services and products in a separate catalogue for later use. We also make it easy for you to send invoices to your customers outside our network with simple email-attached PDFs. We do everything we can to assist you in the invoicing process.

+ Add MORE

Qvalia comes with add-on features like:

  • Ftp access
  • Scanning
  • Company look-up
  • Credit ratings

…and lots more


It gets us a bit excited, but hey – we’ve got some fantastic statistics. We build upon our product by measuring every stat we can so that we can give you even more options and abilities. Statistics are presented in interactive graphs integrated in the visual design - both useful and beautiful. So even if you don’t care about the numbers, they’re still going to look great.

still not convinced?

Book a demo with one of our sales reps! The service has already been launched in the Nordics - but European and global roll-out is imminent.

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